Thrillist - 07/18/16

The Best Spots to Get a Burger in LA

This mini-chain’s original burger is unquestionably one of the most savory bites ever: they blend bacon and beef half-and-half for their juicy patty (hence the name) for a salty bite that pretty much smacks you in the face. Top it with everything from a runny egg to peanut butter (yes, seriously) for a straight-up TKO.

Thrillist - 04/14/15

The 13 Best Bacon Dishes in LA

Some people say the “bacon craze” should have jumped the shark a while ago, but those people 1) are idiots, 2) ARE IDIOTS, or 3) IDDDDIOTTTTTTS. Since you're clearly not, though, you get this: the 13 best bacon dishes in LA.

Thrillist - 01/26/15

Where to Eat Every Part of the Pig in Los Angeles

Do you like pork belly? Yeah, you do. Do you like tenderloin? Uh-huh. Do you like bacon? Yesssssss. Do you notice a trend???? Whoa, dude. You totally love all things pig. Which means you're totally TOTALLY gonna love this: the ultimate guide to eating pig in LA, complete with where to get the best dish made with every cut of pork.